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Community Gardens

Bozeman has two community garden areas with plots available for the public to rent during the summer. One is at Langohr Park and the other is behind the Westlake BMX Park.

There are 42 plots at the Langohr garden. The size of each plot is approximately 20' x 30'. Water spigots are available. View a map of the Langohr gardens plots.

There are 24 plots at Westlake gardens. The plot sizes at Westlake are approximately 13' x 45.5'. Water spigots are available. View a map of the Westlake gardens plots.


If you did not have a plot last year and are interested in gardening you may call  the Recreation Division at (406) 582-2290, and get your name added to a waiting list for either or both Gardens.

Beall Park Recreation Center
415 N. Bozeman Ave.
Bozeman., MT  59715

Location Map

When a plot becomes available, we will contact the name at the top of the list and work our way down until all plots are filled for that year. All names remain on the waiting list until they have had an opportunity to lease a garden plot but it could take several years depending on the amount of names on the waiting list.  Contact information needs to be kept up to date. If we are unable to contact you, your name will be removed form the list.  The fees for plots are $40.00/plot, plus a $40.00 deposit.  A $4.00 tilling fee may also be applied depending the garden.


New season gardening paperwork is generally sent out the end of February with a deadline four weeks out for the returning of the paperwork and fees.  If the current gardener does not respond by the deadline, the plot will be offered to the name at the top of the waiting list.  The garden plot rental fee is $40 with a deposit of $40 which is refundable if the plot is cleaned at the end of October to our specifications.  Also there may be a $4 tilling fee depending on the garden.  You may return your completed forms and fees to: 

City of Bozeman Parks and Recreation Dept.
Attn: Garden Plots
P.O. Box 1230,
Bozeman, MT 59771-1230

If you wish to drop it off in person, you may bring it Beall Center at 415 N. Bozeman Ave. (Please remember to include the Return of Deposit form with your signature and address filled in as that will secure your renewal more quickly.)

Questions or concerns please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 406-582-2290.