Services Directory

Frequently Requested Service Information


Office   Phone Description
Operator (406) 582-2303 General Inquiries
Animal Control (406) 582-2249 Bites, barking, chickens, off-leash issues, wildlife, and poison.
Building  (406) 582-2375 Adopted Building  Codes, Inspections, Building Permits, and Forms,
City Clerk (406) 582-2320 Commission Meetings, Citizen Advisory Boards, Records Requests, City Manager
City Commission (406) 582-2321 Current Mayor, Commissioners, and City Manager
Code Enforcement
Building Issues)
(406) 582- 2386 Building Code and Ordinance issues.
Code Compliance
(Quality of Life)
(406) 582-2222 Health, Safety and General quality of life concerns
Economic Development (406) 582-2258 Economic Development and Community Relations
Fire and Rental Safety (406) 582-2350 Non-Emergency fire safety and rental safety
Garbage and Curbside Recycling Services (406)  582-2332 Utility Billing, Garbage and Curbside Recycling sizes and Schedules
Garbage Collections  and Rates (406) 582-2332 Residential, Commercial, Roll Offs, and Compost Collection
License and Permits (406) 582-2327 Business License, Home Occupations, Pets, Cemetery
Recreation (406) 582-2290 Recreation programs, rental facilities, and aquatic programs
Park Rentals (406) 582-3200 ext 4 See our Park Pavilion Reservation page for more information.
Parking Tickets (406) 582-2337 Parking Ticket and Appeal Forms
Planning (406) 582-2260 Community Development
Special Assessments (406) 582-2327 Assessment for street maintenance, tree maintenance, street paving, street lighting. business improvements, tourism business improvement and infrastructure improvements.
Streets (406) 582 - 3202 Question or concerns about street issues.
Sustainability (406) 582 - 2317 Sustainable projects for the City of Bozeman.
Utilities   Please see the specific Billing Clerks for current phone numbers.
Web Administrator (406) 582-2275 Questions and request pertaining to web site.