Current City Commission Agendas

April 24, 2017 City Commission Meeting



Monday, April 24, 2017

Table of Contents

A. Call to Order 6:00 PM - Commission Room, City Hall, 121 North Rouse
B. Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence
C. Changes to the Agenda
D. Consent
1. Authorize Payment of Accounts Payable Claims for Goods and Services (LaMeres)
2. Approval of Depository Bonds and Pledged Securities as of March 31, 2017 (Clark)
3. Authorize the Interim City Manager to Sign the Memorandum of Agreement, Public Use Easement, and Temporary Construction Easement with J. Swenson for Right-of-Way Acquisition for Construction of Improvements to Oak Street, Parcel 6 (Hixson)
4. Authorize the Interim City Manager to Sign a Professional Services Master Task Order Agreement with Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (AE2S) for On-Call Engineering Services at the City of Bozeman Water Treatment Plant (Heaston)
5. Authorize the Interim City Manager to Sign a Purchase Agreement with Kenneth J. VanDeWalle, Architect, AIA, Inc. for the Sports Park Entry Pavilion Shade Structure (Poissant)
6. Authorize the Interim City Manager to Sign a Contract Agreement with Hydro Logistics Irrigation, LLC for the City Hall Landscape Improvement Project (Mehrens)
Consider the motion: I move to approve Consent Items 1-6 as submitted.

E. Public Comment - Please state your name and address in an audible tone of voice for the record. This is the time for individuals to comment on matters falling within the purview of the Bozeman City Commission. There will also be an opportunity in conjunction with each agenda item for comments pertaining to that item. Please limit your comments to three minutes.   
F. Special Presentations
1. Fire Department Annual Report (Waldo)
2. Presentation on Criminal Justice System Support Services (Saverud/Crawford)
G. Action Items
Consider the motion: Having reviewed and considered the application materials, public comment, and all the information presented, I hereby adopt the findings presented in the staff report for application 17071 and move to approve the J&D Family Minor Subdivision with conditions and subject to all applicable code provisions.
Consider the motion: I move to direct the Assistant City Manager to return to the Commission with an ordinance for provisional adoption regulating short term rentals as provided for in the Assistant City Manager’s recommendations.
Consider the motion: I move to confirm the County Appointment to the City Planning Board with an updated term expiring on January 31, 2019.
4. Legislative Update (Andrus)
Consider the motion: No motion is required. Advertised as Action Item so that Commission may direct staff as necessary.

H. FYI/Discussion

I. Adjournment
City Commission meetings are open to all members of the public.  If you have a disability that requires assistance, please contact our Interim ADA Coordinator, Chuck Winn, at 582-2307 (TDD 582-2301).

Commission meetings are televised live on cable channel 190 and streamed live at City Commission meetings are re-aired on cable Channel 190 Wednesday night at 4 p.m., Thursday at noon, Friday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

In order for the City Commission to receive all relevant public comment in time for this City Commission meeting, please submit via or by emailing no later than 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Public comment may be made in person at the meeting as well.
Event capacity: N/A
Event location: City Hall - Commission Room
121 N. Rouse Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715
Event date: 4/24/2017 6:00 PM

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